Six Easy Ways to Display Your Literati Artwork

Written by Pat O’Neill

At Literati, we do our very best to make literature come alive.

We couldn’t do what we do if not for the brilliant work of the best illustrators on the planet. That’s why we spotlight an artist each month and commission him or her to create an original work based on that month’s theme, exclusively for our club members. The print doesn’t cost anything extra and it’s yours to keep, even if you decide to return books. It’s just one small way we try to support working artists and spread the word about their incredible books.

Here are a few fun, artsy ways to display your Literati print and get your youngsters crafting.

1. Floating Frame

What makes artwork feel more magical than seeing it float in a frame? Floating frames provide extra space around a print and are perfect for irregular-sized artwork because you don’t have to pay to have anything custom framed.

2. Matted Frame

Matting is another affordable framing option. Using a standard 16 x 20 frame, all you need to do is purchase a mat at a craft store. Let the professionals trim the mat for you to 13 x 11 and you’re good to go. Note: The mat size may vary for Club Neo.

3. Clothespins

Pop adhering strips on the back of clothespins for a whimsical DIY look that keeps the commitment level low. We recommend Command Strips by 3M. They’re stronger than double-sided tape and less damaging than thumbtacks or nails.

4. Clothes Hangers

For a variation on the clothespins look, try applying those adhesive strips to wooden clothes hangers. The project should take just a minute or two and the result is simple yet sophisticated.

5. Magnetic Clips

Why not spruce up your refrigerator with some original artwork? That aced spelling test will look all the more special next to a one-of-a-kind print. Swap out the artwork each month or collect all the themed prints to track your child’s reading journey.

6. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a great way to give your prints a little flair without having to hassle with a frame. It’s not destructive on walls or furniture, and it will peel right off the print.

What is Literati? Only the greatest children’s book club on Earth. Each month we send 5 obsessively researched, age-appropriate books in a magical package personalized to your child. Explore the books for a week and keep only the ones you love. The monthly membership is $9.95, and we match or beat the Amazon list price on books kept.

As part of each Literati experience, your child receives an art print from one of the finest children’s book illustrators in the business. The prints are available exclusively for our subscribers and are yours to keep, even if you return books.

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