6 Tips for Raising Readers

By April Murray

Raising children who love to read is within your reach. Here are a few simple and realistic habits you can start today that will keep your children asking for a book instead of the iPad.

1. Be a reader to raise a reader.

Modeling reading is one of the best ways for your children to understand that picking up a book isn’t just something they’re expected to do in school or when an adult asks them to. It’s a stand-alone activity — and a fun one at that! If you surround yourself with reading materials, children are more likely to pick up a book on their own, too.

2. Make a date with the public library.

Setting a date and sticking to it keeps books, and therefore reading, a priority. Go for story time, get involved in the community events hosted by your local branch, and witness other families reading together. Find something new or spend the afternoon gathering all the out-of-print titles you loved as a child.

3. Relinquish control of what your child reads.

Eighty-nine percent of school-age children report that their favorite books are the ones they have chosen for themselves. Sometimes they’ll choose something far below their reading level, and sometimes that’s okay. They may read the same book several times in a row. There will likely come a time when they’re interested in a book that’s beyond their reading level, which is a great opportunity to read aloud together.

4. Read aloud to children — of all ages.

While the benefits of reading aloud to infants and toddlers are discussed often, reading to older children has been proven to expand vocabulary, increase focus and attention to detail, and open discussion. Discussion in particular is key for engagement, and it’s one of a few reasons why an audiobook can’t replace reading together.

5. Read with them during the day, not just before bed.

Reading aloud is commonly used as a way to wind down at the end of the day. Fortune may have it that as you’re finishing up a chapter, questions pop up at the same time you were hoping they’d be drifting off to Dreamland. If you have to choose between answering questions and finishing the book, it’s best to put the bookmark in and engage in the discussion.

6. Join a book club.

Make reading a community affair! Literati, a book club for children, sends five incredible books to your doorstep each month. Whether you’re parenting a newborn, an independent reader, or a child somewhere in between, Literati has a little something for all kids from birth through age nine.

Literati is the premier book club for children age birth to nine. With our try-before-you-buy model, the decision of which books to keep is fully in your family’s hands. Customize the timing of your shipment so you’re never overwhelmed, always in control, and can build your home library with only the books that you and your children love.

The key to nurturing a willing, enthusiastic young reader is to keep reading fun and light. When reading is a habit, you’ve got a reader for life.

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