Make Books a Splash This Season to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

By Pat O’Neill

Summer is a time of swimsuits and fun. And if you ask us, it’s a great time for books, too. Who says pool time can’t be reading time?

Studies show that kids who don’t tackle a book or two during the break tend to forget some of what they’ve learned in school. Parents call this phenomenon the “summer slide” or the “summer setback.” Scientists refer to it as “summer learning loss.”

Here are a few quick tips to make the “summer slide” a thing of the past.

Make reading part of the routine.

It’s important that parents schedule time for reading, just as they would for other summer activities. Even fifteen minutes a day can help a struggling reader catch up. For kids who already love books, summer is a time to reward enthusiasm with independence and choice.

Take books with you on family field trips.

Books were built for the outdoors. There’s no better time than summer to lather on the SPF, silence your cell phone and go outside for storytime. Read stories about bugs in your backyard in the company of ants and dragonflies. If you’re taking a trip to the zoo, consider bringing along a book about your child’s favorite animal. Going to the pool? It’s mermaid time!

Choose physical books over ebooks to limit screen time.

Physical books are uniquely suited for helping kids learn. This has to do, in part, with the magic of using simple motor skills like turning pages and following along with your finger. Physical books also encourage longer attention spans in children and help them remember more of what they’ve read.

Summer is a hectic time. Let Literati take away the hassle of trying to find great age-appropriate books this summer so you and your kiddos can get going on a season of fun. Adventure goes best with a great book or two.  

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