This Service Gets Kids Hooked On Books — And It’s Awesome

Written by Gabrielle Murray

Parents are bombarded daily with statistics that tell us the benefits of reading with our kids. The results are in, and children come out ahead when their home is filled with books — specifically, books that are thoughtfully made and selected, age-appropriate, and accessible. Access to high-quality reading material is shown to improve concentration, nurture empathy, and generally elevate a child’s language skills.

We want our children to be enthusiastic lifelong readers and conscientious global citizens, but between a full work schedule, constant last-minute SNAFUs, and driving the kids from A to B (to C, to D), sifting through online lists and trawling libraries for not only good but great books can feel more than a little daunting.

Sound familiar? You’re in good company. With all the stresses already piled on parents’ shoulders, giving your kids a love for lit (and all the benefits that come along with it) shouldn’t be an additional headache or take precious hours out of your busy week.

If you want to spend less time scouring the globe for the best books and more time reading them, you’re looking for Literati.

Literati, a new type of book club for kids, was designed by Stanford and Google alum Jessica Ewing. Ewing wanted to create an immersive reading experience that would speak to parents who are on a never-ending quest to find perfect books to ignite kids’ hearts and minds. Unlike book clubs that send a grab bag of mixed-quality books, then don’t give the option to return any that miss the mark, Literati sends five top-quality books per month for a small ($9.95) membership fee. Thanks to Literati’s try-before-you-buy model, you only keep the books you love: Return the rest in a prepaid mailer, included in the box.  

With monthly themes and varied selections, this new model has allowed the company to hone in on the types of books kids are actually reading — and parents are reporting fantastic results. The majority of Literati customers are still subscribed one year later.

Douglas Merrill and his wife Sonia signed up for their daughter more than a year ago. “It’s been a game changer for us. Previously, we had no idea what we were doing and just defaulted to ‘award-winning’ books. While beautiful, a lot of those turned out to be a waste of time and money. This is such an important problem and it’s so good to see people of this caliber finally tackling it.”

If you’re ready to simplify your path to raising inspired readers, sign up now to receive next month’s Literati selections. Visit to to get started.