7 Reasons Parents Trust Literati to Make Summertime a Story of Adventure

Written by Gabrielle Murray

As we leave the structure of the school year behind, the pressure is on parents to make sure children don’t lose their hard-won reading skills during the long summer months. Here are just a few reasons parents trust Literati to keep their kids engaged in the life-changing magic of books.

1. Kids using the service are thriving.

The results are in: Kids who read through the summer months return to school in the fall more confident in their reading skills and show less learning loss than their non-reading peers.

2. The books are meaningful, beautiful, and curated by age.

Literati obsessively researches the world’s best books for children — and because Literati has thousands of data points on exactly what is resonating with readers, they know what is working with kids of all ages.

3. Parents are in complete control.

Literati is the only book club that lets you try before you buy: keep the books you love and send back the rest with the included prepaid return label. Cleaning house this summer? Old books can be donated through the service, too.

4. It saves you time.

Literati does the heavy lifting for you so parents can focus on being offline, creating moments of togetherness around reading.

5. You can’t beat the price.

Literati matches or beats the Amazon list price for any books you keep! The monthly membership of $9.95 includes an original art print, personalized bookplates and note, and shipping is covered both ways.

6. It’s risk-free to get started.

Sight up today and get your first month of membership free with code SUMMERTIME.

7. Beat summertime boredom.

Leave calls of “I’m bored!” at the door and relish the sweet silence of a child engaged in a book. This new-found peace is almost as good as the knowledge they’re expanding their hearts and minds with the best lit out there.

Every month is a new themed experience, and the books never repeat. Let Literati take on summer reading while you sit back and relax, knowing your kids are right on track.

Start your risk-free trial today with offer code SUMMERTIME.