7 Reasons Parents Are Buying Children’s Books Through Literati

Written by Gabrielle Murray

Thousands of parents are now using Literati to find books that inspire their child’s love of reading. In only two years, this book club for children (birth to age nine) has become the largest in the United States. Why do parents love Literati? We found out:

1. Kids using the service are thriving.

The results are in: Literati parents report their children show a deepened love of reading, an astonishing vocabulary, and improved focus. Not to mention, of course, the benefits inherent in quality family time spent away from screens.

2. The books are meaningful, beautiful, and curated by age.

What takes a book from good to great? Literati obsessively researches books that spark the mind and soften the heart across four age-specific clubs. And because Literati makes every book returnable, they know what is working with kids of all ages.

3. Parents are in complete control.

Literati is the only book club returnable by design, leaving kids and parents with a library composed entirely of favorites. After a week to enjoy all the books, parents buy only the books they love and pop the rest back in the mail with the prepaid label.

4. It saves you time.

You shouldn’t have to spend more time researching books for your kids than you do sitting down and reading with them. Between well-chosen selections and effortless returns, Literati is giving families back the gift of time. You can even donate old books through the service and Literati will get them to kids who need them the most.

5. You can’t beat the price.

The books are priced to match or beat Amazon prices, plus an additional discount for keeping all five books. Literati’s monthly membership dues of $9.95 covers the entire experience, including an original, framable art print, bookplates and letters with your child’s name on them, and shipping both ways.

6. It’s risk-free to get started.

Your first month membership is entirely waived. Use code THRIVE at checkout to start your experience for free. If you decide the books aren’t for you, you can ship them back free of charge. Cancel at any time with a few clicks: No commitments, no hidden fees.

7. Kids love it.

Do you remember the excitement you felt as a child when you received mail just for you? Every month is a new themed experience, and the books never repeat.

Start your risk-free trial now with offer code THRIVE.