What’s the Secret to Helping Your Grandchild Fall in Love with Reading? You.

Written by Pat O’Neill

When it comes to fostering a love of books from an early age, grandparents are vital allies. They have the passion, experience, and nurturing relationships to offer one-on-one reading time, the kind that can help struggling readers catch up, and more advanced readers thrive.  

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy for grandparents to figure out how to fit into the gameplan where a grandchild’s literacy is concerned. Perhaps the best advice is the hardest to achieve: have a good time. If you’re having fun reading with your grandchild, the thinking goes, your grandchild is going to have fun too. Just sit down and have a blast. Sounds simple, right?

It can be with Literati.

Literati is a children’s book subscription service that takes the hassle out of searching for great children’s books so you can skip right to the fun part: experiencing stories together.

Here are a few quick tips to help you get into the reading groove, and have a blast, sharing books with your special little ones.

1. Keep Books Around Your House

Books are perfect for downtime. Having a few really good children’s books on the shelf at home, readily accessible to pint-sized readers, can help make reading a go-to activity during visits. Grandkids will surely be interested in checking out that classic edition of a book their mom or dad read as a child, but don’t forget to mix in contemporary books with those classics.

Let your grandchild’s curiosity be your guide. Does she love indestructible board books or gorgeous picture books? Maybe she gravitates toward fun activity books that let her color, paint, or decorate pages? The great thing about Literati is that we let you try before you buy, so you’re never stuck with a book your grandchild doesn’t love.

2. Pretend That You’re in a Book Club of Two (Because Guess What? You Are!)

A book is the conversational gift that keeps giving. Even if you don’t live close enough for regular one-on-one reading time with your grandchild, you can still carve out time for a book chat on the phone. It’s OK if you haven’t had a chance to read the book yet. Just ask a few general questions about characters or setting to get the conversation started. Does your grandchild have a favorite character? What does the character do? Where does the story take place? 

3. Make Time for Stories

You know the old saying that children are always listening to, and absorbing, what adults are saying? We say, “Take advantage!”

The stories you tell don’t have to be in books. Tell your grandkids family stories, silly jokes, or funny memories. If you want to get crafty, make a family tree with your grandkids to show them how they fit into your family’s unique story. Let the world around you act as inspiration. Even simple errands to the bank or grocery store can spark memories and meaningful lessons about colors, shapes, counting, and lots more.

4. Become Penpals!

If there’s one thing most kids love, it’s receiving mail. Pop a cute greeting card or postcard in the mail for them. Your grandchildren will pay extra attention to anything addressed to them, and the letters they write back will be priceless, not to mention great practice at reading, writing, and drawing for their own future careers as authors.

When it comes to helping nurture a lifelong love reading, there’s no substitute for a loving grandparent. And when it comes to finding great children’s books, there’s no better resource than Literati. Wherever your grandchild is at in her quest to becoming a lifelong reader, Literati has a book club that’s just right. She’s got a great grandparent. She just needs great books.

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